How to Organize an Extreme Texas Hold’em Poker Run

Poker runs are great ways to give that extra kick to any fundraising events. If you’re wondering how to make things more exciting, you can’t go wrong with a Texas Hold’em spin off.

Useful Tips on Planning, Rules and Strategy

Because any event involves strategic planning to make sure everything runs smoothly you’ll need to first set out the layout of the driving circuit, the rules of the game and the prize for the winner.

Decide on the route which drivers will have to follow and map it out exactly indicating the central point where Texas Hold’em will be played. You can use Google Maps and various design tools to draw out the layout and share it with the players. They’ll have real-time input through mobile apps about the terrain conditions and can adjust their driving to keep safe while speeding ahead.

Write guides about the rules of the Poker Run which you’re organizing and include the steps which the players need to follow. Check out online resources about different tricks and tips which you can add to your guide to help players in their game. Each player should get a copy of the guide which you can share either by handing over a printed version or by using the email.

Establish the number of stops where players can pick up their hole cards from appointed persons which either hold a deck of cards or are using tablets with virtual cards. All details about the chosen cards are kept confidential. You’ll need two stops dedicated to decks of cards and can add other stops where players can be given challenges to reach the next stop.

When each player has completed the challenges and successfully picked up the two-hole cards he should reach a central point where the standard Texas Hold’em game can begin. Because you’re hosting the poker run, you can be the dealer, or choose to hire a professional if you’re not up to it. Once all rounds of Texas Hold’em are finished the winner is rewarded with the prize and donates it to the charity of his choice. The prize may consist of the entry fees, any money gathered from other guests from sales of drinks, food and other items you can market such as car accessories, car related toys or gambling games.

Wrapping It Up…

A fundraising event is a great way to help the people in need. However, for a successful event and to attract more funds you should add challenges and entertainment. A Texas Hold’em Poker Run does just that.